“It is the love for my work that brought me here in Tyron at World Equestrian Games – explains Daniele Parlanti – A world competition made of confirmations, confirmations that I love to identify in these immense champions that day after day have given me deep emotions.

Stories of passion and desire, of tenacity and will, for which we all together have cheered, exulted and rejoiced.

The coolest thing? To share a dream that becomes reality.

I felt satisfied and alive in front of those immense arenas in which every day I saw countless famous Riders from all over the world wearing our boots. All those feelings aroused in me deep pride and marked another goal for our factory.

A special and heartfelt thanks to the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation and in particular to our FISE President Marco Di Paola who in these full and excited days has lived every moment in the forefront in support of the whole Italian Team, representing our nation with enthusiasm and immense passion.

Coming back to Rome time flowed faster than expected because my head and our projects were flooded with new enthusiasm. A new euphoria that comes from a World Competition where the strength of the Italian Team family, even if overseas, makes you always feel like home. “