Fantastic victory for the Italian team at Piazza di Siena 2018 that for the second year in a row lead Italy to the top of the ranking of the prestigious Nations Cup. Parlanti Ambassadors all the Team members: Martinengo, Marziani, Gaudiano and Chimirri. On Friday May 25th at CSIO in Rome, they surprised the general public with an exciting and suspenseful race.

The quartet has thrilled from the first to the last moment. Eight paths for the Italian Riders divided into two rounds that have seen as a protagonist equitation at highest levels and the involvement of the whole parterre.

«Dressing these great Riders and supporting them with Parlanti quality is an honor and a great pleasure” – enthusiastically tells Daniele, patron of the company – «It is truly a great satisfaction to share this extraordinary success with all of them”- he concludes.

To give a show with two clear paths is Luca Marziani that with Tokyo du Soleil gave the audience estro and precision, Giulia Martinengo Marquet, Italian champion in charge, with his Verdine SZ has done with care both paths concluding with only four penalties; Gaudiano and Caspar 232, gritty as always, have faced with energy the first round ending it with zero penalty and Bruno Chimirri “the ice man” fourth to enter the field with an incredible concentration, accompanied Tower Mouche jump after jump to the final joy, determining with his clear path the victory of the Team.

An Italy that has proved to be firm and ready, an Italy that shine in the Olympus of Piazza di Siena.