The desire of victory of the Italian Amazon is perceived as tangible and concrete, the determination of galloping strides in the green arena of the roman CSIO punctually mark the solemn concentration worthy of those who organize success.

Those brief moments, in which everything determines access to the barrage of the aspired Grand Prix, see as the protagonist an extraordinary Giulia, who on the saddle of her young companion traces the beginning of a new love story.

Stride after stride the second round becomes reality, to dictate the access despite the error is the almost impeccable execution time.

At the sound of the bell of the beginning of the second performance, the silent grandstands dream together with her, an elegant and determined Amazon, who classily concludes without mistakes her competition with the spectators in raptures.

And well, the pink poetry that excites is universal and she is the proof, fascinating and capable earns ardently the fifth place of the Rolex Grand Prix of Piazza di Siena 2019.