“The collaboration with the Parlanti company was born not by chance, the inspiration was born on a September afternoon at the wonderful international competition at the Bagnaia, a wonderful location that brought me and Maurizio Ghigi together and immediately after saying goodbye we looked at each other and said the same thing: “why don’t we create something together?”.

So it was… the Parlanti company gave me a carte blanche about what I was going to do during the Fiera Cavalli in Verona and I let my ideas, my inspirations take shape.

I love horses, I have been riding for many years, I had in mind something that combined the Parlanti style with my style and so a very special totally skized boot of colors was born.

Colors for me are energy, they are emotions, beauty, they are life. The boot made is a unique, original boot, a different boot, which you are absolutely not used to seeing.

Furthermore there is a message that we want to send together and that is what I wrote in three lines:

Ride your passions

Listen to your emotions

Live in color

I am enthusiastic about this collaboration with the Parlanti company also because when I was riding I wore their boots and now we create them together.

In addition I created a work in which I wanted to merge my passions, the one for horses and the one for the threads, which distinguish my art, thus weaving the colored threads with the golden horseshoes I created a sculpture entitled” Passions that come together “also present at the Parlanti stand in Verona.

Words by the artist Fredericha Taccari.