The Parlanti maison attends the FIHB WHR Liga Mediterrània final.

Event organized by the Associació HB Catalunya, will be held on 6 and 7 April 2019 in Banyoles (ESP), to declare the winning Nation of the circuit 2018/2019.

Available to the public during the final Maurizio Ghigi, referent and sales manager of Horseball & Polo Parlanti, who will reward the best riders of the circuit with the exclusive productions of Roman boots factory.

the innovative and elegant Horseball Parlanti boot has been designed with particular attention to the bootleg, reinforced and padded with Anti-Shock material to offer maximum protection, and towards the foot, produced in buffalo leather to guarantee an unparalleled “feel”. The most stressed elements have a double layer of skin to protect and guarantee maximum resistance in the “ramassage” phase.

For each team its color! Horseball Parlanti boots on request are available in buffalo leather in blue, dark brown and cognac colors with different logo coloring possibilities.

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