A little over a month after his death, Stivaleria Parlanti wants to remember the man with whom it all began: Gianni.

Behind the transition from the production of high fashion footwear to that of riding boots, is the story of a father who inspired his son, who already at a young age accompanied him to the tanneries.

Yesterday’s child is Daniele Parlanti who, while representing what is now a company present all over the world, has preserved the most precious parts of his heritage: family value.

Thus, from father to son, united by a brand that is the surname of Aurelia, Daniele’s mother, this Roman based business continues to convey to the new generations of the family how important it is to consider employees and co workers as part of the family: all under one roof united by a passion for made in Italy that comes from the drawings of Daniele Parlanti.

We like to think that in front of that blank sheet, yesterday’s child remained, forever inspired by his dad.