Twenty-nine years ago in May 1991, the first model of riding boots with a rear zipper was in production.

A made in Itay production signed by Daniele Parlanti that opened the door to a revolution. Gianni Govoni remembers this moment as an Ambassador of the Stivaleria Parlanti.

“I speak on behalf of my fellow collegues in the equestrian world, the transition from the classic top boot to the boot with the zipper was a real revolution, or blessing. I have always had Parlanti boots and when I would discuss with Parlanti the difficulty of putting them on and taking them off especially in the heat or if you could not find a boot jack, therefore having to ask someone to help you pull them off… impossible to put them on twice a day even using tons of talcum powder. The invention of the zipper opened a door in progress to upgrading the currently available product that was comfortable, lightweight, soft, adhering and long lasting”.

Taking a step back to that distant 1991.

“At that timeDaniele Parlanti recalls – a zipper was a means of repair in the event that a rider had to have his boot cut off for an injury. After hearing inputs from a lot of riders I thought “why not insert the zipper as a fixed element of the boot”? Month after month, year after year I worked to model the boot to fit in the best way possible. The zipper in fact was inserted into the boot only as far as the ankle, by remodeling the boot and lowering the zipper I was able at the same time to tighten the ankle area. At first the boots seemed strange and were looked at with distrust, but once they tried them on nobody ever looked back”.

Daniele Parlanti  has studied all the possible technical improvements to ensure the resistance of the zip up to the current solution which represents the latest closure system with a retractable button inserted in the cursor itself.