Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l., with registered office in via Petriano 46, 00146 Roma, Italia, P. IVA e C.F. IT04915311007, has the complete management of the online store referred to and the relevant eCommerce activities.

1. Finalization of agreements.
This agreement between Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. and the Customer is understood to be finalized with confirmation of the order by Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. according to the procedures and terms indicated in following point n.2. Finalization of agreements entails examination and full acceptance of these general sales terms by the Customer. If the Customer is a consumer then once the on-line purchase procedure is terminated he shall print or save an electronic copy and in any case preserve these general sales terms in accordance with the provisions of articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 185/99 pertaining to remote sales.

2. Purchase procedure.
The Customer may only purchase the products in the on-line catalogue at the moment the order is sent in and which can be viewed on-line at the address as described in the relevant information forms. The order shall be validly processed the moment the Customer receives confirmation that payment for the order has taken place. Correct order reception is confirmed by Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. by an e-mail answer sent to the e-mail address notified by the Customer. This confirmation message carries the Date and Hour the order was carried out and a Customer order number to use in all further communications with Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. The message reiterates all the data input by the Customer, all information related to the essential characteristics of the goods, the price, payment terms, delivery procedures and charges and applicable taxes. The Customer must check the correctness of this data and promptly notify any corrections according to the procedures described in this document. Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. guarantees prompt notice to the Customer in case of failure of the order to be accepted.

3. Prices.
Products are sold at the list prices valid the moment the order is placed by the Customer, plus delivery charges calculated at the moment the order is placed.

4. Shipping procedures.
Orders from Italian, European or Extraeuropean countries are processed by express couriers.

Import duties and taxes:
Shipments made in the following countries: Andorra, Brazil, Canada, FærØer, Hong Kong, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Egypt, Macau, Macedonia, Mexico, Monaco (Principality of), Norway, Switzerland, U.S.A. may be subjected to import duties and taxes, which are levied once your package reaches the country. Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. doesn’t know the amount of import taxies and duties, that are responsibility of the recipient.

5. Payment terms.
The Customer can pay using a Credit Card or Bank Transfer (in this case the Customer must contact Stivaleria Parlanti Customer Service before buying anything). Credit Card transactions are handled through Paypal but you don’t need a Paypal account to make an order, any Credit Card will do. When you place your order you will be redirected to the secure Paypal website. You will receive an email confirmation when we have received your payment. If the Customer exercises the right of withdrawal, according to the procedures set out in following point n.6, the amount previously charged by the operator of the Credit Card shall be credited to the bank current account specified by the Customer, with the exclusion of shipping charges that have already been incurred.

6. Right of withdrawal.
If the Customer is a consumer (viz. a natural person who purchases the goods for purposes that do not relate to his own professional activity, or rather he does not make the purchase specifying, in the order form to Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l., a VAT No. reference) then in accordance with article 5 of Decree Law 185/1999 he is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason whatsoever without the need to give explanations and without any penalty without prejudice to what is specified at following point.

The Customer, to exercise this right, must send Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. a written notice of this intention within 10 working days of date of receipt of the goods. This notice must be sent by registered letter with return receipt addressed to:

Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. (operative headquarters),Strada Galli 13, 00010 Villa Adriana,Tivoli (Roma), Italia

or by telegram or e-mail again sent within the aforementioned term of 10 days and followed up by confirmation by registered letter with return receipt, sent absolutely within the following 48 hours. Once the above-mentioned withdrawal notice has been received the Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. Customer Service shall promptly give the Customer instructions for return of the goods which must be received by Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. within 10 days of the date of authorization.

The right of withdrawal is in any case subject to the following conditions:

  • the right shall apply only for the entire purchased product;
  • the goods purchased must be whole and returned in their original package, complete in all their parts (including packaging and documentation (if any), etc…);
  • in no case shall labels or adhesive tapes be applied directly onto the original product package;
  • shipping charges for return of the goods are to be charged to the Customer;
  • shipment, until certification that receipt by our warehouse has taken place, is under the entire responsibility of the Customer.

If the goods are damaged during transportation Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. shall notify the Customer thereof (within the 5th day of receipt of the goods at its own warehouses) so as to permit the Customer to promptly give notice to the carrier he selected and obtain refund of the value of the goods (if insured). In this case the product will be made available to the Customer for return, simultaneously cancelling the request for withdrawal. Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. in no way answers for damages or theft/loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments. When the product arrives (at the warehouse), it will be inspected to evaluate any damages or tampering not caused by shipment. Whenever the original packaging and/or packing are damaged, Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. shall deduct a percentage from the refund, in any case not greater than 10% of the value of the refund, as compensation for restoration costs.

Except for any charges for restoring damages caused to the original packing, Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. shall refund the Customer the full amount that has already been paid, with the exclusion of shipping charges, within 14 days of return of the goods, doing so by Bank Transfer. In this latter case the Customer must promptly provide his bank data in order to obtain refund (ABI – CAB Codes – Current Account of the addressee of the invoice), Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. will refund to the customer all the amount except for the freight charges within 14 days after receipt of the returned material.

Right of withdrawal is totally cancelled, due to lack of the prerequisite of the wholeness of the goods (packaging and/or its contents), in all those cases where Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. ascertains that:

      • the original internal packing and/or external packaging are missing;
      • accessory product components are missing (accessories, parts, …);
      • the product is damaged for causes other than its transport.

When the right of withdrawal is cancelled Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. shall return the purchased goods to the Customer, charging him for shipping charges.

7. Claims.
All claims must be addressed to:
Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l., Strada Galli 13, 00010 Villa Adriana, Tivoli (Roma), Italia.

8. Privacy.
We hereby inform that, to all intents and purposes of art. 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196 dated June 30th, 2003, the personal data provided by the Customer to Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l. are processed by them, by procedures including automated procedures, by being introduced into the customer archives and that they are necessary for conclusion of a contractual relationship and for all following procedures of a civil, tax or managerial nature. Provision of data is facultative: failure to provide, however, makes it impossible to stipulate a contract. The owner of data processing is Stivaleria Parlanti s.r.l, with registered office in via Petriano 46, 00146 Roma, Italia. We inform you that, in accordance with the provisions of art. 7 of the aforementioned Legislative Decree, the Customer shall be entitled, among other rights, to obtain:

  • confirmation of the existence of personal data that concern him;
  • cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or blockage of data that has in case been processed in breach of the law;
  • updating, correction or completion of data.

The Customer may exercise the rights under art. 7 by writing to: [email protected]

9. Applicable Law.
This contract is governed by Italian Law.